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On being an intelligent gamer

gameflyMy previous article discussed eye health, and I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because today, I will be addressing a topic that can be bad for you eye health. I am speaking of course, about gaming. While it's true that hours upon hours of gaming can cause a good deal of eye strain, if you exercise good judgement and take frequent breaks, then gaming does not necessarily have to be bad for your vision. As with all things, it's about moderation. But if you've played video games in the past, you probably also know that playing an addictive game in moderation is easier said than done.

So what's a smart way to be a gamer? My opinion is that it's best to use a service such as Gamefly. The reason I say this is twofold. First, you will be able to play a greater variety of games by using Gamefly, which is a video game rental website for those of you who don't know. There are some 8000 or 9000 games you can borrow at the current time, and games are available on all major platforms. One good thing about Gamefly is that you can rent the games and keep them as long as you like. So if you fall lin love with a given game, you don't have to give it up until you are tired of playing the game. You can find out more with this Gamefly free trial.

Even if you don't use Gamefly, being an intelligent gamer is about saving money while maximizing your gaming opportunities. Video game rental services such as Gamefly help you do this, since you pay a low monthly fee and have the chance to exchange games and play as many different titles as you want. A different option, however, is to simply purchase new games when they come out, thus owning them instead of renting. If you do this, there will no doubt come a time when you grow tired of this game. When such a time arrives, most people just put the game on their shelf, where it may collect dust for many years. A much smarter way to go is to sell your game. Now, if you try to sell it to friends or other acquaintances, you likely will not have much luck. But if you use online resources such as Ebay or Glyde, a sale is virtually guaranteed. In most cases, you will recoup 60 or 70 percent of the cost of the game, which you can use to buy another game for yourself.

As you can see, there are all sorts of way to save money without compromising your gaming experience. I hope these tips open up your mind about the possibilities when it comes to being an intelligent gamer.