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How to Clean A Bathroom - Your Guide To Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is a place where we clean ourselves before or after the day's work which is why you are looking for a guide on how to clean a bathroom. Therefore, dirty stuff can be present our bathrooms. Any dirt you'll get outside or even inside the house would be rinsed off in the bathroom. In this case, the cleanliness of your bathrooms is as important as keeping your living room clean. Here are some important things to consider when cleaning your bathroom.

A very important reminder on how to clean a bathroom is that you should first prepare the things you specifically need. There are tools that would effectively clean the different messes and stains in your bathroom. Another thing to consider in choosing tools is if it would damage the material your bathroom was made of. For example, using steel wool pads in taking off stains in your marble made bathroom walls would really create damage by leaving scratches on the bathroom wall. Lastly is the cleaning soap or mixtures you'll put on your bathroom.

Take into consideration in buying soap or mixtures; choose the one who is mild enough for your skin not to be damaged but strong enough to effectively remove the dirt and stain. Always bear in mind that in cleaning, you should also make sure that you have the tools and cleaning products in appropriate order to keep the materials within reach.

There many parts in the bathroom. For bigger ones, a bathroom can have a tub or a Jacuzzi. The more parts you'll have, the more cleaning time you'll need. But usual bathrooms generally only have a shower, a mirror, a sink, shower curtains and some rugs. In this case, cleaning all these parts is needed. Cleaning only one or few parts can still affect the cleanliness of the bathroom. Cleaning first those hanged parts like the sink and some mirrors is more advisable. After that it will be followed by cleaning of the tubs, if you have one, and the floors.

A key suggestion in how to clean a bathroom is that you should first take all the things that do not belong to bathroom like toys of your children or a newspaper left by your husband. Also, remove all the used towels and rags for them to be washed after. Make sure to take out your garbage and have it emptied before putting it back. Now, if all is set, you can now start cleaning using the tools you have prepared. If you have a hard time cleaning the corners, then try using an old toothbrush and those meticulous parts will definitely be clean.

Also, don't forget to clean the windows and the ceiling. In cleaning windows, don't just clean the inside part but also the outer part of the window. After all the cleaning, make sure to dry it with a rag or an old towel. Put a new set of rags and towels and return the empty garbage bin into its place. This is often overlooked when being asked on how to clean a bathroom.

The place for cleaning should be definitely clean. That statement perfectly answers the importance on knowing how to clean a bathroom. It is indeed ironic to bathe yourself in an untidy place. The other thing is a clean bathroom will keep your family from water-born diseases like amoeba and the like. Thus, cleaning your bathroom once or twice a week will definitely make your bath time comfortable and at the same time keeps your family away from diseases.

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Tips for good eye health

eye health

We all value the health of our eyes, but sometimes people don’t realize just how crucial eyesight is until problems occur. As the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Fortunately, maintaining eye health is not difficult. Simply follow the tips below to make sure your eyes stay healthy.

  • If you wear contacts, clean them regularly and take them off every night.
    Millions of us wear contact lenses these days, and it is very important that you remove them nightly and rub them with solution (even if it’s not a requirement). This will ensure that your lenses are clean. By removing them at night, it will also give your eyes a rest. Pick the lenses that are the most comfortable for you. Usually, they will be disposables or extended wear lenses.
  • Eat lots of foods rich in vitaminsEat lots of fruits and vegetables.
    You want to make sure you get lots of Vitamin A and C for good eye health. You should also try to get at least 2 servings of fish a week, since this will provide you with Omega 3 oils, which have been found to benefit eye health.
  • Get regular checkups.
    If you wear contacts, you need to have your eyes examined by an optometrist or opthalmalogist annually. Wearers of glasses should be examined at least one every 2 years. If any kind of irritation or redness occurs, you should immediately contact your eye care professional.
  • Wear sunglasses.
    Make sure you get into the habit of wearing shades that offer protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays. Not only will they make you look cool, they will protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

The good news is that maintaining good eye health is not expensive. What is expensive, however, is buying contact lenses and glasses if you have problems with your vision. That's why I favor purchasing my contact lenses online at discount stores like, where I can also use coupons from to reduce the overall costs. If you currently do not get your contact lenses on the Internet, I highly encourage you to do so, as this can end up saving you a lot of money.

Do-it-yourself design and printing

Small business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs. For this reason, you may have considered handling all design and print work by yourself. They may or may not be a good reason, and this post will explain the pros and cons of taking a do-it-yourself approach with printing and design.


First, be aware that design is a highly complex fields and many experts get advanced degrees. You can learn some basic design by taking classes or reading books, but don’t expect to become an expert overnight. Furthermore, learning design can be time-consuming, so it’s important to understand the commitment that is required to become a competent designer. In most cases, business owners would be better off hiring a cheap student designer or finding someone on fiverr or Odesk to do limited tasks for a reasonable fee.

As for printing, the same principle applies. If you want something highly professional for brochures or pamphlets, you must hire a professional printing company to get the best results. Doing printing on your own is acceptable for more minor projects like flyers and name tags. If cost is an issue, you can utilize online printing companies, who generally charge very reasonable prices.

Of course, doing your own in-house printing on small projects is also a good idea if you are looking to save some money. If you choose this option, you must buy a good printer that is able to print high quality documents quickly. Printer ink will become a huge cost, so you should find ways to obtain them cheaply. I recommend using online ink stores such as Inkfarm and ordering in bulk to make sure that you get the best deals possible.

You might also want to consider purchasing refilled cartridges using online an Inkfarm Coupon to further reduce printing expenses. However, if you choose this route, make sure you buy your cartridges from reputable sources like Inkfarm.